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All you need for teaching your child at a high standard, meeting all the requirements, for a whole year. Made for grade R (ages 5-7) and intended to follow our Preschool Year Plan. 


40 weeks of planned activities and all the worksheets and activity packs you need for a fun, multisensory, hands-on learning experience your child will love. 


This HUGE Bundle includes the following:


  • *PDF FORMAT* Grade R Year Plan includes: Grade R Year Plan, Worksheets, Assessment with scoring guide. *You can add a printed colour version of this plan for R1275.
    *You can also add our Calendar Chart for R350 more.
  • Language Complete Bundle includes:
    • Alphabet Dictionary Kit
    • Building Words Kit for Grade R 
    • Letter Writing and Activity Book
    • Kid Writing Journal
    • My Writing Practice Book
    • Pop the Syllables Kit
    • Word Families (Short Vowel)
    • Word Families (Long Vowel)
    • Blends and Digraphs
    • Rhyming Words Memory Game
    • Bossy R Words Clip Cards
    • Name Writing Mat *customized
  • Math Complete Bundle includes:
    • Number Cards 0-30 Math Kit
    • Number Writing Book
    • Calendar Companion Charts
    • Calendar Journal (Grade R)
    • Ocean Addition and Subtraction Math Kit
    • Race Track Number Learning Kit
    • 2D Shape Math Kit with Geoboard
    • 3D Shape Math Kit
    • Measurement Mats (weight, length, volume, area)
    • Measurement Maths: Time and Money
    • Symmetry Math Pack
    • Snake Pattern Cards
    • Desk Mat Grade R
  • Life Skills Complete Bundle includes:
    • All About Me Poster
    • Crossing the Midline and Hand-Eye Coordination Activities
    • My 5 Senses Activity Book
    • Food Pyramid and Activity
    • South Africa Colouring and Activity Book
    • Animal Group Sorting Mats
    • Game Drive Fun Book
    • Scavenger Hunt Bundle of Fun
    • Fun Playdough Mats
    • My Body Activity Poster

Basic Homeschool Year Plan (Grade R)

PriceFrom R7 620.00
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